Shayne McGowan

Founder of Mental Edge Performance

His extensive experience in sports has left him with a very strong mental game background. Shayne is a Certified Mental Game Coaching professional and has been certified through MGCP Program with Dr Patrick Cohn. Shayne has also studied from Cal State university and has played football at college and a brief stint in the professional level. He is a member of Coaches of Canada and NCCP certified, has 30 years fitness background as a trainer and is an advance Defensive Tactics instructor. Shayne is a Senior instructor at TRP Academy, one of Canada’s Premier Martial Arts Academies.

Mental Edge Performance was founded based on creating a superior standard of training for athletes on and off the field. Shayne has a talent for teaching and coaching, he focuses on working with the athletes, team ,coaches, parents and organizations helping them reach their goals. Using his strong mental game background and certification he focuses the athlete on awareness, performance, managing and leading, performance anxiety and self-doubt, fear of failure, goal setting and success.

Mental Edge Performance